Contract Growing

Contract Growing Native Tennessee Plants

We tailor each contract project to meet your specific needs.  We are happy to produce material from specific source plants or seed, but planning ahead is crucial. Usually, 6 – 9 months lead-time is sufficient. However, depending on your plant choices and time of year, much shorter turnaround times can be possible. Plan early, talk to us, and watch it happen!

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Our Goal

To always do our best to meet your needs throughout the duration of the contract, and be as flexible (and friendly!) as possible. Contact us with your plant list.

Plan ahead! We need to know:

  • Plant names
  • Quantity
  • Container Size
  • Project Name
  • Location
  • Delivery Date

We can help

Provide us with details about your project and plant needs.  Experience has taught us that success depends on placing the right plant in the right place. We can:

  • Help you choose the correct species.
  • Offer alternative choices when appropriate. 

Get Started

Our contracts are simple, straightforward, and short. Return the contract to us with the required deposit. Each contract is unique and in certain circumstances we will ask for up to 50% of the price total.

Within the contract, we also deal specifically with delays and maintenance.


It is VERY important to let us know about any delays in your project. We may be able to assist, so please do not hesitate to call!  We will contact you periodically during the process, and at least 2 weeks prior to delivery date to set up and verify all information for you to accept your plants.

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